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“Life allows encounters with admirable beings, those who meet one day in perfect synchrony unexpectedly, as happens in this story when the designer Francisco Barri and Doña Elvira Lozano de Todd, a cultural promoter in Mexico, who, following their developed Intuition believed in him from the first moment, a great friendship was born between them, supporting him unconditionally personally and professionally, becoming a friend and regular customer of the brand.”.


⟐ Premium Calfskin tanned in France, it is well known among luxury brands for its beautiful design and texture, waterproof, durable and resistant finish to the scratches

⟐ Goatskin interior from the Alran tannery in France, its 23-step process takes 3 weeks to leather

⟐ Italian gold plated fittings de 24k

⟐ Inner bag

⟐ French high resistance linen thread

⟐ Sewn entirely by hand using French leather goods techniques